Belinda Lee / Belinda Love Lee

I'm a bit of a Jill of all trades I'm a branding stylist/ graphic designer on a day to day for my studio Belinda Love Lee, but with running your own business that involves you acquiring a whole lot of other skills like hand lettering, illustration, and also I recently picked up letterpress printing too! And on the side of that I'm also a blogger/ influencer where I share about lifestyle design related things. I'd be more than happy to trade any of those skills!

Current Residence: Toronto, Canada

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Instagram: @belindalovelee

Additional Social Media Links: @belindalovelee_paperie


Contact via email:



- Logo Design and Branding Guide Package / $2500 ish

- Letterpress printing  / $550 upwards depending on project specs

- Hand Lettering & Illustrations / Depending on project specs

- Lot of the projects are really depending on what the project parameters are but I'm always happy to discuss!

- Content Creation / Depending on project


- Portrait stylist (I don't have enough time to style my own projects sometimes!)

- Photographer for portraits

- Copy writer

- Videographer

- Coaching 

- Media strategist

- SEO Strategist

- Open to other offers!