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I have a background in digital and broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California. I've written in both English and Spanish for several media outlets such as VICE, Variety Latino, We are Mitú, ABC News, and so forth. Currently, I am the News Producer for"Hispanic TV's No. 1 correspondent" by The Wall Street Journal, Jorge Ramos. I am in charge of producing a digital formatted show into a television segment. It requires extensive English to Spanish translation, attention to visual detail and focus on the storytelling component. Prior to this position, I was the social media producer for his Facebook Watch show, "Real America with Jorge Ramos."

During my college years, I created a media company that exists only on digital/social media for students of color called, "Dímelo." There was a necessity for diversity in the newsroom at the student level so I became the Executive Digital Editor spearheading a small team of 8 students. My education taught me to shoot with a DSLR, edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, and write my own stories for both TV and print. A year later, Dímelo had a permanent spot in the Snapchat Discover channel where students created a news/pop show. We were selected amongst 12 college outlets in the U.S. Another proud moment as a student was in 2015 when I pitched an idea that garnered over 24 million views on Facebook alone from an idea that I turned into a fun, social video for my university's digital outlet, Annenberg Media. It was an overnight sensation. So far, no student at my university has been able to beat that record.

Current Residence: Miami, Florida

Favorite Food: Greek (Mediterranean) & Italian food

Instagram: @hollaitsbarbara

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- Copywriting: $150-300 (depends what it is... post/email/website/newsletter)

- Photography: $85/hr

- Social Media Consulting: $120/hr

- Social Media Management: Upon Request


- Website Development/Design

- Filming and Editing Video for a creative project I want to bring to life.

- Open to other offers!