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Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant, Speaker, and Podcast Host who helps entrepreneurs gain credibility through collaboration and grow their business. Through her 1:1 consulting, group programs, podcast, and speaking gigs, Baily teaches people to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals. A self-described, "Type-A with a dash of woo", she provides entrepreneurs with the practical tools they need to succeed in business and empowers them with the motivation they need to feel inspired doing it.

Current Residence: Culver City, California

Favorite Food: Sushi

Instagram: @bailyhancock

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1. Collaboration Consulting: 

- $250 for a 2-hour "pick my brain" session

- $2,500 for my 10-week "Expertise for Exposure" Group Program (

- $3,500 for my 10-week "Partnerships as PR" Group Program and $5,000 for the 1:1 Program (

2. Business Coaching:

- $250 for a 2-hour "pick my brain" session

3. Guest Blog Posting on the topics of collaboration/partnerships: $100/article

4. The opportunity to come on my podcast, "The Baily Hancock Show": no dollar amount

5. Speaking/Workshop instructing: $1,000/2-hr workshop


- Graphic Design

- UX/Web Design

- Videography 

- Open to other offers!