Ashley Long / CMYKnot

As a young girl, I always had an interest in graphics and design. I can still remember asking my parents for a computer design program from our Scholastic Book Club program. This was well before I knew CMYK was flowing through my veins. I spent 4 years of high school and 4 years of college studying the Graphic Communications world. I even designed my own high school graduation party invites and remember what they looked like!

After college, I soon became engaged and then all. things. paper. took over the wedding. It was magical and I loved every minute of it! After our wedding, friends and family started to plan their own wedding and I was honored to help them with printed elements for their own big day.

CMYKnot started as an ETSY store in 2013 and has taken off. I’m honored to work with brides to create the custom look for their big day. It’s more than ink on paper; it’s the first glimpse into the style for your event.

Current Residence: Colgate WI

Favorite Food: A perfectly made Whiskey Old Fashioned :)

Instagram: @cmyknot



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- I'm open to conversation on monetary values during the barter process. I completely know something easy for me, you might pay $500 for - that's why I'm here. Let's barter! :)



- Business Cards

- Open to other offers!