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Arielle Vey

Arielle is a lifestyle, food, and product photographer with a knack for styling and design. Recently launching a successful print shop hasn't stopped Arielle from also producing lifestyle and how-to videos on YouTube. Arielle works with brands via Instagram to create unique social content - whether it's showcased on her own feed or behind the scenes. She's also consoled for social media for brands and individuals along with Instagram layout curation and design.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Literally any carb

Instagram: @ariellevey


Contact via email:


arielle'S BARTERING:

- Photography (full day): Dependent Upon Project

- Photography (half day): Dependent Upon Project

- Social Posts starting at: Dependent Upon Project

- Photography Consulting: Dependent Upon Project

- Social Media Consulting: Dependent Upon Project


- Graphic Design

- Web Development 

- Video

- Open to other offers!