Anna Schiavone

Anna Schiavone / Twenty Nine The Label

Feel Good in our effortlessly comfortable silhouettes that breathe and move with every body.

Do Good because we love our Mother Earth. We will never put our bottom line before what's best for our planet. 

 Founded in 2018, by Anna Schiavone, a dreamer with an obsession for color and textiles. While traveling between her hometown in Virginia and her new home in North Carolina, Anna felt the itch to create something she was proud of. It was on Route 29 where home and new opportunities met to inspire Twenty Nine the Label. 

At Twenty Nine we understand the strength, determination, and sense of humor it takes to live your everyday- so we hope to make it a little brighter (with pastels of course). 

From design to production all products are proudly made in the USA with sustainable, eco-friendly materials. 

Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina

Favorite Food: Pasta Bolognese!

Instagram: @twentyninethelabel


Contact via email:



- $100-$500 apparel manufacturing consultation // $100-$200 value of twenty nine the label product


- Website Development

- Graphic Design

- GIF sticker creation for Instagram!

- Open to other offers!