Anna Lena Van Iersel

Anna Lena Van Iersel Illustrations

If you are on the lookout for captivating illustrations to support your message, I can help! As an illustrator, I am able to translate your ideas to visuals and help get the right people really excited about what you're doing.

Be it a book, magazine, or a message in a bottle: You're trying to get a specific person to pay attention to your content. My skill set aligns perfectly with these cases. In a world that is rapidly becoming more visually oriented, the relevance is apparent. Bespoke clients include KPMG and Women's Health - find out more on

Current Residence: Gouda

Favorite Food: Pizza

Instagram: @annalenaillustrations


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- Custom brand, book and editorial ilustrations usually range from €200-€1000 depending on complexity and size (excluding license or royalties depending on the project)


-  Office space

- Legal Support

- Technical Support

- Marketing Support

- Open to other offers!