Anita Santos

Anita Santos / Sugar Saint

Sugar Saint is passionate about spreading the organic lifestyle through delicious treats made with the best ingredients. Our signature meringue kisses are made with organic, free-range eggs, organic sugar, and organic flavors, then topped with organic fruit, veggie, and superfood powders. We offer boxes and crates of kisses, large meringue clouds, and mini pavlovas, as well as custom meringues for wedding favors, press drops, brand activations, client gifts, etc. Our meringues are one of a kind and sure to impress at any table, and we would be happy to offer a catering package to Barter & Be members.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: All the foods! But I'm all about almond croissants right now <3

Instagram: @sugarsaintla


Contact via email:



- Box of 40 Kisses: $100

- Box of 70 Kisses: $175

- Crate of 160: $375

- Customized packages vary in price.


- We are looking for artists of all kinds - photographers, graphic designers, copywriters - as well as event planners, influencers, and other like-minded small business owners to network with. We love to keep our minds open to creative & fun ideas!

- Open to other offers!