Angela Bazan / Revelry Apothecary

I am a tax accountant by trade and in my free time I love being creative - so I am here to see if I can help out some of you creatives with tax help. I mostly focus on transaction taxes, such as sales tax and gross receipts tax. I am more than happy to help in the preparation of a sales tax return and or teach you how to do it yourself for any state. I dabble in income tax so I can help research specific questions or concerns. 

If you need help setting up a quickbooks system to keep track of your small business, I am also willing to help with that.

Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas

Favorite Food: Any good cheesy potato dish!

Instagram: @angelbazan

Contact via email: angelabazan@gmail.com



- Sales tax return preparation $300 per filing

- Sales tax education/ research $150 per hour

- Quickbooks support $100 per hour


- Letterpress Services

- Art

- Open to other offers!