Ana Savuica / The She Approach

I am a blogging coach strategist to be precise, and I help bloggers grow their traffic (so social media is another one of my fortes) and income (via Affiliate Marketing mostly). I love helping new bloggers to grow an engaged audience, offering people new strategies to monetize their blog and I have a few aces in my sleeve when it comes to Pinterest, email marketing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, creating and selling digital products and more. 

I co-hosted an in-person Blog Traffic workshop in collaboration with Google and I'm booked to host a series of mini workshops on the topics above at an annual blogging event in London this summer as well. 

Current Residence: United Kingdom

Favorite Food: Nandos.

Instagram: @thesheapproach

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- Pinterest account set-up: ($250)

- One hour coaching session: ($100)


- I'm looking for influencers that might be willing to promote my online shop, graphic designers for a few upcoming projects, business coaches that would be willing to share some tips on how to scale my business and copywriters that might help me to refine my message.

- Open to other offers!