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As a product-based business, turned coach (that sounds funny), I've got a unique background in that I can offer both physical goods, as well as services. Some of my strengths - I'm a great "idea person" - ie, I help people take their content they already have and find ways to turn it into alternative revenue streams. I love, love, love Trello and I help people get set up and organized on there - including some sneaky little tips and tricks that will blow their mind. I can definitely offer people the "how to"s of starting a product-based business, even if it's a service-based person wanting to offer a few branded items. I especially love teaching how to use Canva + Dropshipping to offer your own products without holding inventory!

For my credentials - I've had over 18,000 sales, been featured on Fodor's, Better Homes + Gardens, HGTV's social, and I'm in HomeGoods. And I've coached everything from stationery designers to personal stylists to doctors!

Current Residence: St Petersburg, Florida

Favorite Food: It's always a toss-up between cheese + chocolate. Don't make me choose! :)

Instagram: @paperfinchdesign

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- One time coaching package: research into your brand before our call, a one hour scaling + product (if needed) strategy call, and a 30 minute follow-up call 2 weeks later. Value: $200

- Weatherproof Your Business course: How to prepare your business for stormy weather and sunny skies. A FULL course, including 7 modules, many videos, and plug-and-play Trello boards to get your business organized, automated, and ready or whatever life throws at you. Value: $495

- Products: Range from $12-$100


- Copywriting

- Marketing

- VA

- Photography

- Open to other offers!