Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson / Exploring Amanda

A creative fashion graduate, turned artist, turned boutique owner, turned travel blogger, who is extremely blunt and honest about everything. Following my travels, you will come to find that I am very honest. Not in a mean or malicious way, but in a real-life- this burger isn't that great-kinda- way. You see, gone are the days of influencers actually telling the real truth about things. Here me out. It's not always about the highlight reel people.
People want the truth! I will be telling the full story about how to take each trip and maximize your vacation. Not just the "instagrammable" moments. Really diving in and getting the most out of your trip so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese

Instagram: @amandanels0


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- Blog Post: $100

- IG Post: $50

- IG Stories $45


- Travel:
Trip Accommodation such as B&B's, Hotels, Resorts, Tiny Homes, etc. In exchange for blog posts and social media awareness.
Tourist attractions in different cities.
Tourism boards looking to gain awareness for their city/town.

- Fashion:
Brands who are looking for more brand awareness/recognition 
Products in the beauty, wellness or fashion industries.

-Guest Blogging Opportunities.

-Guest Podcast Opportunities. 

- Open to other offers!