Allie Kollias Design

I love to help create brands for small and up and coming businesses. Logo and business cards of course, but we live in a dynamic and tech driven world and I like to help create multifaceted experiences for businesses. From social media marketing to promotional products and special event design. I aim to incorporate these skills with my other true love: Spaces and Stuff. Bridging all of these visual and tactile aspects of our experience of products and services is something I am trying to rangle into a multidisciplinary practice. 

Current Residence: Pasadena, California

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Instagram: @alliekolliasdesign


Contact via email:



- Logo Design Package : $650

- Add on: basic web (home page, contact and location and about) : additional $600

- Add on: basic stationary : additional $400

- Spatial design: $60/hr

- Social media design: $40/ hr


- Photography

- Legal + Financial Advice

- Open to other offers!