Alexa Tsongranis

Alexa Tsongranis / Allonsy Creative

Hello! I'm a social media specialist and consultant with more than 6 years of experience in developing social media strategy and staying in front of digital trends. I've successfully increased engagement and built audiences for brands large and small. With a constant desire to seek out creative, captivating and engaging content, I love to create and edit every kind of media. I created Allonsy Creative to help medium and small businesses level up their social media marketing game, from strategy creation to execution. 

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Cupcakes.

Instagram: @allonsyalexa


Contact via email:



- Paid Social Media Strategy // $600

- Social Media Management (Paid or Organic) // $600

- Social Media Content Calendar // $550

- Social Media Strategy & Brand Guide // $500

- Brand Audit // $300

- Product Unboxing Video // $300


- Website Design 

- Custom Illustrations 

- Photography

- Open to other offers!