Aleksandra Kotowska / Paper and Sun + Kotowska Studio

I'm a full time graphic designer running my own design studio (Kotowska Studio) - I'm an expert in branding, web design and social media graphics. I do copywriting and consider myself a content creating machine :) I also do hand lettering and calligraphy, both analogue (on paper) and digital (for social media posts for example). I also do design consulting and can help a young freelancer determine her future career path!

Current Residence: Warsaw/Helsinki

Favorite Food: Pad Thai with tofu!

Instagram: @lissko


Contact via email:


Aleksandra'S BARTERING:

- Full visual identity ($1,100)

- Logo Design ($450)

- 9 social media post templates ($100)


- Social media ninjas (for instagram and facebook)

- Vitrual assistants (for admin jobs) 

- Junior designers (help in easy design jobs)

- Open to other offers!