Aleia Walker is a email marketing copywriter and freelance mentor helping creatives build the businesses (and lives) of their daydreams. A few years ago, she was an unhappy corporate drone and started looking for skills that would make her more attractive so she could quit her 9 to 5 for full-time creative work.

Learning the new skills was only half the battle. It wasn’t until she figured out the backend of her business - like how to how to find resources for all the legal bits and how to price her services - that she built her freelance business up enough for her to walk away from corporate life.

A few years after picking up digital skills, she’s come full circle. Nowadays she’s using the degree she went to school for, Creative Writing, to help female entrepreneurs turn their passions and personalities into profit with their email list. Through data collection and matcha powered writing sessions, she’s able to connect her clients and their audiences while basking in her love of spreadsheets!

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Aleia Walker Creative, LLC

I’m Aleia and I help you, dear creative, frazzled by your creative biz, build the business and the life you love so feel good about what you’re producing in the world.

I focus on creating email marketing copy that converts based on data and a lot of personality! I start every project with what I call a data dashboard where I break down traffic and engagement of your current emails. From there I implement an email funnel formula and weekly newsletter strategy to build consistency and engagement directly with your audience.

Current Residence: Atlanta, Ge

Favorite Food: Too many to count. Popcorn tops the list!

Instagram: @msaleia



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- Data dashboard creation and email list analysis - $497

- 12 weeks of weekly newsletters - $1497

- Data dashboard creation and welcome sequence creation/revamp - $1497


- Blog Post Templates

- Social Media Graphics

- Facebook Ad Management

- Open to other offers!