Alaina Lansing

Alaina Lansing / Holistic Hemp Co.

Co-owners and founding sisters, Amber and Alaina Lansing are skilled small business owners. After finishing her degrees in Accounting and Business, Amber then received her CPA and worked in city government and non-profit. Alaina holds two Master degrees, in Economics and Business Management. While teaching college Economics, she also completed her Real Estate license and earned substantial success and repeat clients. After years of stress, achievements, working multiple jobs to get thru college, the western lifestyle and diets finally took it's toll, we got sick. We found holistic healing and the truth behind plants and medicine, especially hemp. More than three years ago, we quit our jobs and Holistic Hemp Co. was born. We're skilled in business bookkeeping (quickbooks), budgeting, real estate, product pricing and placement, wholesale distribution, and operation management. We're also active and informed on the American Hemp industry and the nature of starting/running a business in this new, emerging industry.

Current Residence: Texas

Favorite Food: Tacos

Instagram: @holistichempcompany


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- $200 - $500 > depending on needs and hours

-Quickbooks overview, Account setup

-Hemp Industry education, planning, company direction

-Product Pricing, Margins, Placements planning


- We're looking for graphic design work, specifically around labels and product packaging, also creative content and website design/coding/seo.

- Open to other offers!