Abby Nowakowski / Jane & Rosemary

Jane and Rosemary was created with the idea in mind that women often feel a little Jane and a little Rosemary when it comes to personal style.  Jane is your Modern Martha kinda gal. Her look is classic with modern flair.  Rosemary has a free spirit and an inner gypsy soul. Her look is one of a polished boho babe.   

Jane & Rosemary is all about creating a wardrobe that reflects our unique spirit, makes us feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on all life brings. We believe that our wardrobe doesn’t have to be over-saturated to be exciting! It can be filled with quality staple items and unexpected pieces from season to season that bring us both joy and order. After all, seasons change and so do we. 

In addition to the look of Jane & Rosemary, this platform was created to explore how to practically style our lives from the inside out.  Jane & Rosemary was designed to encourage community and evolve a style that serves!

Current Residence: New Lenox, Il

Favorite Food: Tacos, all and any!

Instagram: @janeandrosemary

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- Our camper Pearl would rent out for $350/day. As far as product goes, each piece is priced differently and the price can be viewed on our website.


- Influencers

- Branding Experts

- Accounting

- Social Media

- Website Developer

- Videographer

- Open to other offers!